History of North Haven, ME

North Haven, one of fourteen year-round unbridged Maine island communities, was settled by Europeans in the 1760's and formally recognized as an independant community in 1786. With a year round population averaging from 350-380 residents, the island boasts a full pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 public school, post office, and several seasonal gift shops and restaurants. With generations of islanders growing up and remaining in the small fishing community, ties to both neighbors and the island itself run deeply through the population.

In 2014 summer resident Mary White donated property to North Haven Sustainable Housing, in hopes that it could be used for serving the island's elders. North Haven Sustainable Housing collaborated with Southern Harbor Eldercare Services  and North Haven Conservation Partners to conceive an encompassing plan that would allow the property to be developed for the provision of a residential care facility, aimed at allowing community members to remain at home, around their families and community. The Level III Residential Care Facility will make it possible for elderly residents to remain in a familiar setting, with personalized care, in a community they know and love.

Southern Harbor House recieved a Level III Residential Care Facility license in Novemeber 2018 and opened it's doors to the first resident in early January 2019. Southern Harbor House will provide care and assistance to community members who can no longer stay in thier home due to needing help with some, or many activites of daily living, such as cooking, bathing, and mobilty. Modeled from neighboring islands Islesboro, Vinalhaven and Chebeague,  Southern Harbor House is the fourth year-round island eldercare home.

History of Southern Harbor House

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